L:A Bruket Sea Salt Scrub Sage Rosemary Lavender Nr 063

L:A Bruket Sea Salt Scrub Sage Rosemary Lavender Nr 063


A wonderful and very effective balancing body scrub for a relaxing, hydrating and exfoliating Spa Experience at home. Almond- and olive oil, as well as essential oils from sage, rosemary and lavender, from bio-certified origins, calm and clean the soul. The skin is soothed, smoothed, protected and highly moisturised - no need to use body moisturiser after treatment

Apply an adequate amount and gently massage on wet skin. Rinse thoroughly with water. 

350g of pure pleasure!

L:A Bruket specialises in organic spa products, botanical skin care and botanical treats. Aiming to meet the needs created by coastal living on the west coast of Sweden with it’s harsh weather, strong sunshine, salt water, LAB’s products have all been produced with old traditions and natural ingredients at the forefront. The ‘low-tech’ spa products all contain natural and high quality ingredients, most of which are organic and make the most of their natural qualities in order to achieve the best possible effect. Whether you choose soap, salt scrubs, body oils or salt bath, all products are guaranteed to make your time spent in the bathroom a little bit more relaxing and enjoyable. A range of beautifully scented products that make life more pleasurable


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