L:A Bruket Wild Rose Hand Cream Nr 115

L:A Bruket Wild Rose Hand Cream Nr 115


Hand cream for dry and chapped skin that protects and moisturises. The essential oil of wild rose has a refreshing and calming aroma.

As with all L:A Bruket’s spa products, Hand Cream Nr 115 has been hand made in small batches and contains natural and high quality ingredients, most of which are organic, and make the most of their natural qualities in order to achieve the best possible effect.

Why we love it: the spa-like fragrance and rich texture of this shea butter and essential oil- based lotion for protecting and healing chapped hands is pure bliss.

What it does: Shea butter hand cream soothes dry and chapped hands. Shea butter protects, fosters and is moisture preserving. The essential oils from wild roses have a fantastic scent, stimulate, and are mildly antiseptic

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