Iris Hantverk Dusting Brush

Iris Hantverk Dusting Brush


Delicate and indispensable dusting brush

Perfect for dusting everything from doors to picture frames, skirting to slatted blinds

Available in pale blond or darker natural goat hair

Oil-treated beechwood, fine goat hair

Length 30.5cm

Care for your brushes well and they will age beautifully and last well. Easy to clean with a mild detergent such a dishwashing liquid and warm water. Hang soft bristles or stand firm bristles on their ends to dry to keep the wood from splitting. Oil as needed with mineral oil.

Each and every brush from Iris Hantverk’s workshops are handmade in Sweden by visually impaired craftspeople. the bristles are bound by hand with wire, not adhesives, giving the brushes an extra long lifespan

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