Swedish House at Home was born out of a love of beautiful, simple and functional design

Having spent my childhood in Sweden, I grew to love the landscapes and the challenging living conditions of the Northern Hemisphere – the harsh weather and lack of natural light in the long winter months, the bright sun-drenched summers when the sun barely sets. Picnics in the snow, out door barbecues in the winter, and the fresh clean scents of sappy pine needles. Hunting for wild blueberries and alpine strawberries, foraging for bright yellow chanterelles deep in birch forests, bleached wood Summer houses, the strong northern sun and cool tingly salt water. Living outdoors and being at one with nature, these are all childhood memories that have inspired my line of products.

My inspiration is, however, also deeply rooted in renowned Scandinavian design traditions that emphasise functionality and minimalism, resulting in homewares that reflect beauty and craftsmanship.

I love design that is inspired by the things that surround us, the innate imperfection of natural materials. I love nature itself and a home that seems to have evolved and grown organically to reflect the personality of its inhabitants. Don't let your home be too overworked or 'done' in that interior-designed way; give your home your own distinctive character by choosing considered pieces that you love - less is definitely more

I am also dedicated to sourcing the most ethical products I can find, celebrating brands devoted to building a sustainable future through care for their surroundings.

My vision is to encourage a buy less, buy better approach where today’s treasures are tomorrow’s heirlooms. Swedish House offers timeless style with products crafted to love and last a lifetime or more - which also means better for our planet!

I hope you enjoy our collection

Michaela James