Stay with us!


No doubt you are as bored as we are with the endless stream of messages arriving in inboxes regarding the new Data Protection laws, aka GDPR, that come into effect May 24th this year, but businesses (and we are no exception) are required by law to ask subscribers to confirm consent by updating their settings.

Whilst a very good thing ensuring that any personal data stored is completely safe, it is a challenge for small businesses who rely on the support and loyalty of their subscribers. You will, therefore, have received such a communication from us here at Swedish House HQ ; we hope that you sufficiently enjoy the newsletters we occasionally send out that you want to stay in touch and continue to receive our content,

Please rest assured, as always, that your data (i.e. email address) is completely safe with us. We would never share or sell your data and only ever use your data to contact you with news, stories, recipes and inspiration relating to Swedish House at Home.